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Promoting the uptake of Earth and Environmental Science in South Australian Schools.

In 2022 we welcomed our Geoscience Outreach Officer, Kelly Sharrad, whose role is to actively promote the uptake of SACE subject Earth Environmental Science in South Australian Schools. As seen to the right, South Australian students lack the opportunity to learn about Earth and Environmental Science concepts such as sustainability and climate change compared to other states. Full size: EES National Stage Infographic

Geoscience Pathways Project is a collaborative partnership between schools, industry and professional associations. We work together to provide students with engaging learning in Earth and Environmental Science (EES), foster their better understanding of contemporary local and global environmental issues and empower their participation in informed debate. We support teachers with resources, training and funding to help teach Earth and Environmental Science in their schools. We have a particular focus on the Australian Curriculum and the need to provide high quality inquiry-based teaching and learning for the Earth and Space sub-strand of the F-10 Science curriculum and the emerging senior secondary Earth and Environmental Science course.

Earth and Environmental Science Representation in South Australia


What Geoscience Pathways Project can offer your school for free

To make this a reality in your school, we understand that this is a complicated problem. Our Geoscience Outreach Officer has worked as a Science Leader in two High Schools and understands the process and resources required to introduce a new subject. Our outreach officer has also actively experienced teaching SACE Stage 1 and 2 Earth Environmental Science, along with marking and moderation of Stage 2 EES for the SACE Board. As a result, we have tried to remove as many barriers to ensure your school can successfully offer the subject with as little risk as possible. Additionally, all support and resources are offered to schools free of charge.

 Our goal is to offer the same support to schools that would like to run Stage 2 Earth and Environmental Science in 2024 and beyond. If you would like to start the conversation about how we can support you to roll out Earth and Environmental Science at your school please contact Kelly Sharrad at

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