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Birdwood High School

Stage 1 and 2 Earth and Environmental Science

Student Experience

Students have spoken about wanting a better understanding on how 'the Earth works'.

EES Activities

During week 6 of Term 3 2023 the Stage 1 Earth and Environmental science class went on an excursion to Flinders University to learn about groundwater systems. We did an experiment to see the effect of sediment size on Groundwater flow and how pollution in one area of the system can greatly influence the health of the entire system. This experiment was undertaken in the laboratories of the Physical Sciences faculty which was great to see in general as it gave us an idea of what to expect if we were to go to a university to undertake a science degree. Once the experiment was finished, we got a quick tour of the student life area at the university where the food and café shops were.

This was fascinating to see as all the university students were highly engaged in their studies just like we are during our supervised study time!

Teacher Experience

We chose to offer EES at our school to provide important opportunities for students to become engaged in real world issues, promote problem solving skills and to gain a different perspective on
what is 'science'.

As a teacher, I am most looking forward to providing students with more hands on tasks and great application to real life.

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