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Pedare Christian College

Stage 1 and 2 Earth and Environmental Science

Student Experience

Students have mentioned that the Stage 1 course sounds fun.

EES Activities

Year 12 Earth and Environmental Science students visited Oaklands Wetlands, starting the day at the Oaklands Education Centre. They participated in an Environmental Health Module led by a postgraduate student from Flinders University. 

During this module, they learned about the vital role that wetlands play in storing and treating water, with the capacity to treat up to 400 million litres of water every year. They collected water samples from the wetland pond system and conducted various water quality tests, followed by further analysis in the laboratory. This experience provided valuable insights and practical skills for their first Summative Assessment task. Overall, the students enjoyed learning about and exploring the wetlands system, thanks to this fantastic program run by Flinders


Teacher Experience

We chose to offer EES at our school because I think our students will love doing a relevant, contemporary, real world science.
As a teacher, I am looking forward to taking my students out on field trips.

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